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via I Do Not Care About That But I Do Care About You   Y’all should totally check her blog out. She’s right. We should careย  because we should.

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Beneath Every Writer’s Ink. With every stroke and strike of the pen, Every white dabbled in scribbles of ink, The writer pours his heart into words, He paints a picture with sentences, His dreams, his goals, His failures, his home, The sins of the past, The fulfilment of his present, The fear of the future, […]

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Movie Review

Actually, I just found out reviewing movies are really cool, especially when you get the concept of the movie and feel as though it speaks to you and you totally get the way the character feels. Enough rambling about all this. And let’s get started! Yeah I’m super excited about this one. ๐Ÿ˜ Movie; My […]

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Bullies demean us. Break us. But what to do when we are the very ones?

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